Independent Peer Organisation

ACT Peer Recovery™ is a Community Interest Company (CIC) and hence does not make any profit. It is an organisation exclusively of peers, and decisions are made by people who have completed the group leader training and hold a license. It is completely independent and free from any affiliation.


It emerged out of the work that Mark Webster did in Portsmouth. Starting in detox the ACT Matrix was successful in getting more treatment completions and so groups were set up in the community. These spread and became more peer led developing across all locations and settings in the City. The peers organised themselves into an association and started working independently.

In 2012 the peers started to meet with Mark Webster and talk about how to take this approach to a broader audience. The basic principles were established and then information days were run around the local area. This led into an invitation to run an information day in Manchester and the first development of groups there. Groups started to spread and eventually it was picked up by Public Health England (PHE) who evaluated the evidence and then included ACT Peer Recovery as a recognised form of mutual aid in 2015.

Since then ACT Peer Recovery™ has developed its foundations around England, establishing hotspots that can serve local development. Currently it is growing fast and serving new local authority areas each month.