In this era of cuts, then budgets for addiction treatment are routinely being reduced year on year by amounts ranging from 10 – 50%. With no likelihood of this changing in the near future then the challenge to commissioners is this:

“How do we keep services at the same level, or even improve them?”

Mutual Aid

Using a simple behavioural approach then peers with their own recovery can be trained to deliver services in the community. These services are staffed by volunteers who are highly motivated and focus on producing recovery outcomes in areas such as:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Family
  • Education and Work
  • Social Relationships
  • Leisure and Hobbies
  • Personal Development

Proven Model

This radical approach asserts that recovery is about developing new behaviour which moves people in the direction of building a better life. It is built on science and the robust evidence base of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The model is proven, already working and backed by Public Health England. Currently it is being developed as a digital Mutual Aid (MA) platform that will be online 24/7.


  • Easy to adopt, it can be rolled out within existing contract structures
  • Minimal investment, maximum return as uses a volunteer workforce
  • High standards of Quality and Governance
  • Integrates with (and complements) all existing models of provision
  • Online System offers 24/7 availability, everywhere
  • Reaches Groups not usually served by specialist services
  • Creates more choice in MA
  • Simple for peers to engage with and no barriers to access
  • Scales up quickly
  • Produces real data about real recovery outcomes in real time
  • Builds a Community of people in Recovery
  • Modern 21st century approach relevant to younger people


Quality is controlled through licensing at an individual level linked to a local peer organisation. If a local peer organisation is not available then ACT-PR will show the peers how to set up their own, manage it and become independent. This becomes another outcome.


ACT Peer Recovery™ is a trade mark and so only available on license to peers. For tendering purposes Commissioners may specify to the prime contractor that the development of ACT Peer Recovery™ be included in the bid. It is up to the provider to make arrangements for that to happen. Most important is to specify that the prime contractor will be responsible for paying the annual subscription for data as ACT Peer Recovery™ will only provide data to the prime contractor and not to sub-contractors.