Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) has evidence on a par with CBT. ACT itself is based on a theory called Relational Frame Theory (RFT) that has its own evidence base. These scientific data show that the principles behind ACT, such as acceptance and exposure, work across a broad range of conditions from stress to psychosis and addiction to cancer.

The ACT Matrix is the therapy simplified into training, but it still uses the same principles. ACT Peer Recovery™ is committed to making sure that all of its products and materials can be traced back to these scientific principles.

Principle Based

All conditions can be seen as a manifestation of the same process. The technical word for it is Experiential Avoidance, which means that people will try and get rid of pain in the short term even when it makes things worse in the long term. There is extensive research now which shows that most problems are a form of this process and so are behavioural. The ACT Matrix is based on Experiential Avoidance and it can be applied to just about everything.

Watch the Focus on Behaviour video to see this in action.