Focus On Behaviour

We are a new form of mutual aid that originates in the UK, based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Starting from Portsmouth in 2007, we are now recognised as an empirically supported model by Public Health England, along with SMART and the 12 step fellowships. It works by focusing on behaviour, and the whole model can be learned in under 10 minutes (see video).

A Better Life

The underlying principle of ACT Peer Recovery (APR) is to help people seeking recovery to build a better life by focusing on what is important. By using the ACT Matrix we make this process simple, accessible and effective. You can start NOW!

Peer Meetings

APR is delivered by peers to peers and is completely free, although at this time we do not have groups available across the whole of the UK yet. If you are interested either in attending a group or setting one up then please get in touch.

Simple and Practical

The meetings are based on the idea that if you practice it will work, and if you don’t it won’t. It is a scientific approach which does not require you to believe in anything, or to be a rocket scientist. It is simple to learn and only requires hard work for you to succeed.