Peer Centred


The main requirement for attending an ACT Peer Recovery™ meeting is that a challenge will be undertaken. A challenge runs over a month usually and is about developing a new behaviour that would make a significant difference in a person’s life. Initially these may involve health or family or money, but over time they develop into broader directions such as work, education or the community. Developing a balanced life of meaning and purpose is what ACT Peer Recovery™ is all about.


Peers progress in ACT Peer Recovery™ through different levels starting with level one and then level two and so forth. Meetings are held at different levels and once a level has been completed then peers are free to move up to the next if they want to.

Each level it is broken down into 8 lessons which are delivered on a regular cycle. Within each lesson is a separate subject and peers may choose to complete the lessons as many times as they want. Once every lesson in a level has been completed then peers can move up to the next level when they want to.


Above all the emphasis is on the peer choosing her/his own path and attending the meetings which are most helpful. All the level one client meetings are run in a similar way according to a system that all the leaders follow, so that the environment is safe and productive. It is the same for the whole system and forms the basis of delivering high quality mutual aid.