Peer Organisations

Local Peer Organisations

The engine of ACT Peer Recovery™ is the independent local peer organisation, providing meetings through licensed volunteers. All rights and ACT Peer Recovery materials with the lemon logo are assigned only to these independent peer run organisations.

Starting with only one or two peers such an organisation can be built from a very small beginning and follow a developmental path that leads into financial self reliance and independence. Whether an existing peer organisation or just a single peer it is easy to start - just contact us and we will work with you to make it happen.

Stages of Development

Getting started happens with the help of the local hotspot.

1. Start Up

To get started with ACT Peer Recovery is incredibly simple. One or two committed peers can attend a local hotspot for training, which leads them into setting up the first groups. The local hotspot provides all the support for this so the peers only have to worry about running the groups, and developing more volunteers. Getting the first groups up and running can happen in less then 3 months.

2. Meetings Growth

Once a couple of groups have been established locally then a steady stream of peers will pass through and some will be interested in training as volunteers. In this next stage of development the peer organisation starts to host its own group leader training course, and develop more groups as volunteers come through. At this stage the organisation will be running its own social media, all supported by the local hotspot.

3. Community Growth

As the peer organisation grows its number of volunteers and groups then it will start organically integrating into the community. At this stage of development the peer organisation starts to facilitate development of recovery in the community. Relationships are formed with other organisations and clubs who have a mutual interest in recovery and groups start to spread further into the community. At this stage the numbers of people attending groups becomes substantial.